Secret Pickle Supper Club

(Or how Alexa’s birthday party in January 2010, catered by Chef Matt Kantor, evolved into one of the hottest tickets in town.)

With positive feedback from guests (and regrets from those who wished they’d been able to attend) and buzz on social media after that first Secret Pickle birthday event, Alexa decided to make it a regular thing. She asked Matt to collaborate with her, and the Secret Pickle Supper Club was born.

Attending a “Secret Pickle” is always a unique, memorable and remarkable experience. Each event is a one-of-a-kind dinner party, always with a theme, held in some of the most interesting venues around Toronto. And the food takes centre stage. Guests are introduced to cuisines, flavours and exciting new concepts in food.

Themes have touched on regional cuisine, pairings and key ingredients. The menus are ever-changing and always surprising.

Changing venues regularly, encouraging the use of social media at the table, the Secret Pickle Supper Club changed the landscape of underground dining and pop-up restaurants in Toronto.

Marketed entirely through word of mouth and social media, the Secret Pickle Supper Club quickly became one of the hottest tickets in Toronto and a leader in the Underground Dining movement.

As founder and host, Alexa planned, executed, marketed and managed each Secret Pickle Supper Club Event. She promoted, supported and generated engagement with guests using social networks.

Through the success of the Secret Pickle Supper Club, Chef Matt Kantor has been established as one of the top Chefs in the city for pop-up dinners. He hosted a series of branded events for clients including Muskoka Brewery and Lincoln. Chef Matt Kantor and partners opened Bero Restaurant in Toronto in 2013.