After being invited to as a Canadian Delegate to an international Olive Oil conference in Spain,  Alexa Clark and her partner Chef Matt Kantor developed a dedicated channel to share their experiences with their Canadian-audience. Far From Ordinary is a travel site focused on experiencing culinary culture both abroad and at home.

Far From Ordinary the Spain Edition shares their culinary experiences as Canadian Delegates at el Encuentro Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra in Baeza; Fórum Gastronómico in Santiago; and accompanying country-wide culinary tour.

As culinary industry insiders and travellers, Journalist Alexa Clark and Chef Matt Kantor along with their team enjoy connecting with people through food and letting the world know about it. We share the delights of travel and culture through cuisine and bring you recipes, flavours and techniques you can try at home.

Check out our first edition of FarFromOrdinary – the Spain Edition at www.farfromordinary.ca